Do you love your neighborhood, but need an upgrade on your home? Our dedicated team will work with you from start to finish, providing the expertise and experience to bring your dream home to life.

Are you ready to make a move? Our new homes are designed and built with luxury in every detail. With living spaces that work, spacious retreats, and all ideally suited for today’s needs in Dallas.

New home construction, tear down and rebuild, or complete renovation, our goal is to build the home of your dreams.

We take special pride in protecting the historical and cultural nature of our unique neighborhoods. A renovation in a historic neighborhood keeps the heart and personality of a home and neighborhood intact, in keeping with their historical and cultural perspective. At the same time, we make full use of the structure and property to create homes are spacious, open, and luxurious. Our homes preserve both architectural integrity and full market value in the neighborhoods you cherish.

Cady Holdings Dallas New Home Construction


Scrape to Finish

Our spec homes sell 83% from start time to finish-out phase.

Realtor / Agent Services

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